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Today, maintaining a secure, accessible WordPress online commercial site typically requires the use of a variety of website support technologies. Atlanta Area businesses enjoy access to several popular tools for this purpose. WPScan became one of the most widely used during recent years.


About WPScan

The WPScan software functions as a security scanner capable of detecting WordPress vulnerabilities in real time. It remains free for non-commercial use. Business websites may purchase a paid commercial version of this open source program. The WPScan API alerts site owners to up to 50 vulnerabilities per day free of charge. Some sites may require more extensive information; customers simply upgrade to a paid API in order to increase the maximum potential reported number of real-time vulnerabilities.

This scanning program will install on a number of platforms. Site owners should consider updating their existing software to the latest versions prior to performing the installation to minimize interoperability concerns. Ruby Gems, Curl, and Ruby all work compatibly with the WPScan program. A Nokogiri platform requires either its own updated or patched libraries or installation of the program through its operating system’s built-in libraries.

What WPScan Reveals About Updating WordPress

As a scanner functioning in real time, the WPScan program offers valuable assistance to high traffic WordPress websites. It alerts site owners to all of the known WordPress vulnerabilities. It scans every component of a typical WordPress site, including the WordPress core, themes, and plugins. Since vulnerabilities often become apparent only over the course of time, perhaps no one should find it surprising that the vast majority of software vulnerabilities detected by the WPscan program arise in websites employing previous versions of WordPress.

Roughly 80% of reported known vulnerabilities (especially in websites relying upon WordPress 3) relates to the WordPress core. However, websites utilizing WPScan also detect less common plugin and theme vulnerabilities, too. Recently, known vulnerabilities in these additional components of many WordPress websites occurred in roughly 17% and 3% of reported cases, respectively. Sites utilizing older versions of WordPress maintain a significantly higher risk of generating a WPScan vulnerability report. Since the software operates far more efficiently than an individual human research team, using this convenient “black box” system supplies a great way to quickly identify potential security risks on a WordPress website. Administrations may find this tool very useful during 2020.

Useful Tips For Implementing WPScan

One advantage offered by WPScan concerns the ongoing level of support. The software receives regular updating by a development team. Consequently, anyone using this security scanner needs to check regularly for WPScan software program updates. The updating process may occur either through gem update WPScan or via a WordPress website packages manager.

In addition to using WPScan plugins and conducting scanning for known vulnerabilities, WordPress site owners must remain wary of other types of security hazards, especially problems posed by hackers. Some experts recommend taking at least two additional precautions: implement login with two factor authentication and upgrade password security. Implementing these steps helps reduce the chances of encountering WordPress website security threats.

Full-Time WordPress Support Firm

In some cases, website administrators benefit by delegating vital support functions to WordPress experts. An Atlanta-based firm specializing in this complex field furnishes a high degree of customized assistance. The availability of this service enables enterprises to simply outsource the use of essential support tools to help maintain their sites in optimal condition. It allows site owners to focus on their unique marketplace niches, without worrying about identifying IT security vulnerabilities on a daily basis.


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