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Use Your Reputation Online to Build Brand Trust

If you have a business online, then you probably have a reputation. When you focus on your customers to build your brand, you can build your business quickly. Many people want to trust a brand, but sometimes it is hard for a business to establish this trust and gain a long-term customer. There are some […]

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How Important are Online Reviews?

No matter what size your business is, your online presence will eventually affect you. Online reviews are critical in shaping your digital strategy. Your strategy should start with goals but be flexible enough to flow with the results of your reviews. Establishing a strong message and trust is important when you work on your online […]

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Grow Your Small Business by Asking for Customer Feedback

Customer feedback can take your small business and propel it into a giant! You can use online reviews and information that customers give you to increase customer satisfaction and even alter your brand to conform to fit your customer’s desires. Reasons Your Business Needs Customer Feedback 1. You Get an Education! One of the best […]

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What to do When Monitoring Your Online Business Reviews

Online reviews are used by 90% of consumers. This statistic means that your business needs to be online, watching what people say about the products or services your brand offers. Customers use online reviews to decide what to purchase and what services are best for them. If you don’t monitor your online reviews, you could […]

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You Should Not Ignore Your Customer Reviews!

Most of your potential customers will read online reviews before making a decision. Focusing on your customers can keep your business set with a steady flow of profits. If you ignore customer reviews, you may lose a large amount of business fast! Customer Reviews Give You Insight If your customers have issues with your business […]

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Don’t Make These Mistakes with Your Online Reputation!

Your online reputation is fragile and can break at any time. Repairing your reputation can take much longer than you may think. One bad review can cause months of setbacks for your business! Not Listening to Negative Reviews If you don’t listen to your negative reviews, your business may not last for very long. While […]

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Signs Your Business Reputation Management Isn’t Working!

It is vital for businesses to maintain a good reputation online. This allows you to gain and keep the customers that you already have. If you have negative publicity on the first page of Google search for your business, you may need to adjust your reputation management to gain more customers. Most customers never go […]

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Make Your Positive Reviews Work Harder for Your Business

A positive review is a great confidence booster for your business. Good reviews are a good indicator that your service or product is pleasing to the public. It is hard to get the majority of your customers to leave positive reviews, but you can use the reviews you have to gain more attention. Take them […]

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Search Engine Reputation Management Tips for Your Small Business

Small businesses know just how important it is to maintain a business well and have a good online presence. If you get negative reviews, your business suffers much more than a larger business. While you cannot put so much focus on negative reviews that you lose sleep, it is a good idea to use search […]

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Why Online Reviews Matter to Your Business

If you plan on using online reputation management software for your business, you’ve thought about your online presence. The goals you have for your business can be surpassed or never reached based on the online reviews you receive. It is important to give reviews the credit they deserve as you navigate through your presence on […]

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See Your Current On-Line Reputation

Use our free Review Scan to generate an instant reputation report and see how your business appears on local review sites.

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